The Jetlag Is Never Ending. European Tour 2014. Blog Entry #1

Thursday September 4, 2014

I sit under the city of Oslo, Norway at this moment. About to get on the number 5 Tram to City Center and navigate my way quickly to my show at Queen’s Pub. It is the oldest bar in Norway.
This shouldn’t be a shock to me but I will be honest: I was surprised by how many people of obvious Viking heritage I have seen. I have been surprised by how many people and how many social types listen to metal here. And absolutely shocked by the fact that I haven’t had to pick up any Norwegian as everyone is overly eager to speak English with me.

Billy and Ingrid from Third Seven (a band I toured with last November) were in town for about 4 hours after my arrival on the 2nd before having to set off for the end of their European Tour. It was perfect to be introduced to Oslo by friends and see their smiling faces in the city square upon my arrival.

They gave me my first introduction to Oslo, brought me to the pub where I would be playing in 2 days, introduced me to Une, our promoter and bartender for the show, and June (who is fast becoming a good friend and who introduced me to Anne, who would be my host for my 4 days in Oslo, and is also becoming a friend).

Friday, September 5, 2014

I am back on the tram. About to head off to a friend’s house for dinner. Listening to Sam Philips on my iPod. Enjoying the day. The Smells. The hope. Tomorrow I leave for Germany. But for now, I continue to be in awe of last night’s show at Queen’s Pub and the wonderful friends I have made in Oslo.

The day started with me making plans to meet my relatively new friend Nigel Powell and his girlfriend in the center of Oslo. I got very very lost on the way: Trying to navigate the city with a very vague understanding of how the city was laid out and a map of the city on my iPad. I have a great sense of direction once I understand how a city is laid out so I was a little cocky in thinking I could snap my fingers and come to that understanding when I haven’t been in a European city in 12 years. (12 YEARS!!!) But they were very kind to wait the hour that it took for me to discover my bearings. (I tried to prepare for such circumstances by getting a data plan for my new iPad as my iPhone had been stollen in Atlanta with absolutely no hope of retrieval. I have found, however that my attempt to stay connected has not worked in the slightest. The data package I have been paying for has not been remotely useful. But I will try to remedy this in the UK).

Anyhow, once I arrived, we spent the next 2 or more hours talking, catching up, laughing and smiling. It was a great meetup. And it’s probably a notable part of the story for you to know that Nigel was in one of my most favorite and influential bands of all time, Unbelievable Truth. We connected originally last year. I was very depressed during the struggle to wrap my mind around why I had been so ill for the previous year. I had been getting biopsies (very thick, very long needles inserted into my throat. This was painful in a way I find it difficult to describe). There was talk of needing to operate on and remove my thyroid (an operation which some doctors were overly eager to perform and others were extremely resistant to as it could rob me of my voice forever). I was exhausted always, extremely depressed and anxious, working a job I simultaneously loved and hated for the health insurance, and struggling with some greater emotional issues that I discovered later were directly related to having Hashimoto’s Disease. Some other, more personal issues were occurring (breaking up with my boyfriend, struggling with some other incendiary issues), and needless to say I was feeling low. But one day I was sitting in silence at my kitchen table and felt a quiet nudge to take a risk as there was not really any direction I could head but upward or stagnation. Those were my two options. I decided to reach out to the lead singer of one of my biggest musical influences of all time. I asked him if I might cover one of their songs and if he had a key to a particularly difficult chord progression in the bridge. He wrote back right away and directed me toward Nigel. One week later I was attending a show in Portland where he happened to be playing drums for Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls. We spent a good part of the evening together. He asking me to play him some of my songs as he wanted to hear an artist who was directly influenced by his songwriting. He, upon hearing that I’d missed an opportunity to see Unbelievable Truth played some songs off my favorite album “Almost Here.” I have to say that the geek-out factor I was experiencing was pretty intense. I drove him to his bus in time for Bus Call and we have kept in touch ever since.

So, needless to say, he being in Oslo the week I was here was pretty special for me and further, their decision to attend my show that evening was encouraging in a way I in which it is useless to try and explain.

The pub was warm and old. A room that I could play with my voice, listening to it reverberate off of the hundreds of years that the wood had aged. Every single person I had met earlier in the week attended the show, plus about 20 or so other people who were eager to attend based on word of mouth. There was also a group of people in attendance for the open mic that evening. I borrowed a guitar from a kind gentleman (as I had pre-arranged to borrow Orion’s guitar for our leg of the tour and then buy one later) and played what was a magical show for me. My first show in Europe in 12 years, a show with so many new friends in attendance and Nigel’s presence set it over the top. My voice was doing some very cool things that caught me off guard while I was singing and I just had an all around magical experience. I think it was a special evening for all of us and I was so grateful. What a perfect way to start a tour. Absolutely perfect. It might be my favorite show of all time. It’s certainly going to be hard to top.

…. Post Dinner and Friends …

I have just left Rock In (a metal bar located in the city centre of Oslo) to head back to my friend Anne’s home for the evening and attempt to get some sleep before I wake up at six to grab a 10 am flight for Berlin and a train to Stutgart. I will meet Orion Walsh at the bar where we are playing and then I believe we head back to Berlin for a couple of days.



Be My Winding Wheel

This is my first day.  And my second.

I have been trying to force ways to unpack and relax since I have moved.  To try and process all that has happened in such a short amount of time.  Each event filled day blurring into the next, drawing lines to other times and other places, asking me to pay attention.  Believe me I do my best but each moment is becoming a wisp of fog on a late night drive through the mountains.  I can drive really slow and try to appreciate each one for what it is but sometimes you have just got to get to where you’re going.  That sums up this tour pretty well.

I began the tour with tragic news being delivered to me by a former tour manager.  Paul Harper, my first touring bass player had passed away suddenly, and even more I realized I would be just barely out of range to make the funeral.  I spent the first 2 days of the tour grieving deeply.  I called his parents to express my condolences, I cried, and I hung out with my good friend, Ryan Garner to try and process some of the information.  I thought I would have to wade through the tunnel of grief through the whole tour, as I have never just walked out of that process before, but upon driving to his town to deliver some flowers and a note to his family and making some plans to visit them on my way back to Portland, the grieving was set aside and I was able to move forward without that weight.  Though I did spend quite a lot of the tour remembering him with good friends who knew him well.  So he was not at all forgotten.

The leg of the tour where the talented Gayle Skidmore was with me was a great time.  Gayle is a fantastic musician and a wonderful songwriter.  I am SURE that she is on the brink of being a major force to be reckoned with and I am so proud of her.  I got to know her really well on this tour and would absolutely go out on the road with her again.  And we are planning on it later this year.

SxSw by all accounts was a great success as well.  I so enjoyed my time with my Fresno friends.  I introduced Gayle to everyone I knew and those who did not know Gayle yet accepted her with abandon.  It was wonderful to see.  I had to turn down a couple of shows over the weekend, due to other shows booked on the tour, but it was nice to add a couple of show, meet some incredible people, and hang out with old friends that I know and love deeply (Paul Chesterton (Old Tire Swingers), Mathr DeLeon (Fierce Creatures), Johnathan Hadden (Rademacher), I am looking at you).  I also got a really fun photo shoot in.  I am waiting on those photos.  But here are some others:


I couldn't find a by-line for this. I THINK it's by James Collier? Or Ryan C Jones. Anyhow, they're both badasses.


I had to leave SxSw early for a performance with abrasiveMedia.  Also known as some of my favorite people in the universe.  It was a multi-genre art show and with Jason Goforth backing me up on his lap steel we played one of my favorite shows of all time, with modern dancing, aerial dance, and people making art as we sang.  I have got to say… it was pretty amazing.

I then played in Nashville with my band, The Prophets.  Yes, I have changed their name.  It was probably my favorite full band show of all time.

I left Nashville shortly after that and began the tour home, stopping in Phoenix to discuss the concept for the upcoming Kickstarter video with my good friend Craig Garrisson.  Who is also the man who designs my awesome t-shirts.

Los Angeles consisted of some business at ASCAP and some other things, among hanging out with my best friend, Whitney Williams, seeing Central Valley natives, The Stone Foxes for the first time, and trying to get a mocking bird to mimic me with Mark Luebbers.  It was all pretty great.

I drove back to my birthplace of Fresno, CA for a reunion of one of my favorite bands of all time, The Soma Holidays, with whom I had the immense pleasure of playing with, and then played in Sonora, CA with Minor Birds (who are bad ass).  The tour is nearly done now, with 2 shows in Portland at Vino Vixens to play on Saturday and Sunday.  Then I will begin the journey of finishing the album and trying to continue to build a life in Portland.  I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT’S COMING.  But I have my hunches that whatever it is… It’s going to be huge.  And I am sooooo looking forward to it.  What a wonderful 5 weeks it’s been.  I look forward to the rest of the year.

By Desiree Danielle

BTW!  You can hear a rough mix of the first track on I AM WARM YOUNG BLOOD here (not to mention see some more of my experience at SxSw through Ryan C. Jones’ eyes:  Thanks Ryan!!!

AND here is a retrospective on two of my touring vehicles.  I think you will enjoy them 🙂


Kat Jones

Nashville Show Tonight!!!

The tour has been AMAZING SO FAR and with over 2 weeks left on it I can not wait to see what it has in store 🙂  I will have more information on the rest of the dates in a couple of days… but for now I wanted to remind the Nashville folk that I am playing The Basement in Nashville tonight!!!

This is basically going to also be my HI FRIENDS!!! Party!  I haven’t seen very many people since I arrived as I’ve been trying to complete a ton of personal business.  But please come by at 9pm.  The Show is Free.  I will be playing with my whole band.  We will go out and get food and drinks after.  Love you!

1604 8th Ave S Nashville, TN 37203

Kat  🙂

Just a Quickie!

Well, friends… I don’t have a lot of time.  We’ve got to get on the road to Albuquerquie, NM right now but I wanted you to know that I just added some information on the Tour page for Lubbock, and Dallas.  Dont forget about that Amarillo show coming up too!  Can’t wait to see all of you.

Other interesting factoids of the tour:

– I went wine tasting with my friend Ezekiel Hampton.  I have never done that before and we had such a good time at the show that night.  Thanks Zeke!!!

– Seeing Amanda K. Bear in LA was awesome!  She is such a lovely and funny girl.  I love getting to know her better.  And the house show she through was so incredible.  Thanks Amanda!  You kick ass.

– I also got to see my good friends Mark Lubbers, Summer Oakley, Luke Passmore, and Rheanna Downey!  And I got to meet Rheanna’s new son Eden.  It was such an amazing treat.  I love you guys!

The tour with Gayle is going great.  We are having a really good time.  People in every city have been so gracious in helping us to spread the word about our music and we are so thankful to The Fixx in Tempe for getting us a later show last night at Long Wong’s in Tempe as well.  Thanks to Long Wongs Too!!!

A lovely lass from Lubbock, Tx , Casey also did an interview with me this week.  It was pretty fun!  Here’s the link:

And I got a fun little writeup in the San Diego, CA blog Discover San Diego:

“And Kat Jones, she has got some pipes. Check out her site at  If you scroll down a bit, you can find her song “Losing”.  What’s absolutely great is how authentic it is: the homemade video (she is recording herself in what appears to be a back patio), the intensity with which she sings the lyrics while rocking out on her  guitar, and her dead-on eye contact with the camera just, well, work. ”

You can read the whole write-up here:

I also got to do an interview with Sophie 103.7 on Sunday.  It was so much fun.  Mookie was nice and so rad and had great things to say about the music.  I really like him.  You should go out of his way to shake his hand 🙂

All in all it’s been awesome.  Gayle is rad.  She’s such a prolific and wonderful songwriter and getting to see her perform every night is a real treat.  You can discover her, if you haven’t already at

Love you guys!  See you soon!


Oh!!!  There’s also this!  Thanks to Spencer Ramsey in the other project I sing in:  Gold Wolf Galaxy.  These are going to be my business cards 🙂

Love you guys!

Let The Adventure Begin Today – Tour Dates and Dr. Who

Well, here I am.  At the beginning of another beginning.  I am packing my things, moving out of the house I’ve been staying in for the last month, cleaning, becoming acquainted with Season 5 of Dr. Who (Oh my goodness, I FINALLY understand what all the fuss is about), and saying goodbye to my sweet dog Daisy, whom I have to leave in portland but who I will be re-united with in 5 weeks.  I can not WAIT to see her again.  I had forgotten how hard it was to leave animals when I was leaving on tour.  My last dog, Dutchess, was very hard to walk away from when I would leave, and she was always mad at me when I got home, but would get over her anger soon enough, and we would have a great time until I left again.  Daisy is sad when I leave but never mad when I come home.  Just hungry for a nice cuddle.  So it will be nice to come home, road weary, and snuggle up with my wonderful dog.

I leave early-ish tomorrow for Northern California.  Wine country.  And I am really looking forward to it.  Monday, I am going wine tasting with the kind gentleman who booked this show for me and then the tour begins!  I may or may not make a stop in San Fran on the way to Fresno, CA to see friends.  I am sort of flying by the seat of my pants.  And then I get to stop off in one of my favorite cities, Fresno, to see family, some friends, and kick around by myself in downtown Fresno, before playing one of my favorite venues:  the beautiful and historic Tower Theater.  Trying to decide what I am going to wear for this occasion.  But I know this!  I am looking forward to seeing all of you.  The rest of the shows are listed bellow.  What is listed as TBA I will email out next week.  I am just waiting on the actual details.  If you see an open date (as in a gap between shows) and you would like to fill it – please email .   Otherwise – I will see you very soon.

Wish me luck.  I am so excited about this year!  We have completed a three song demo of the new album and I will be personally handing it to people at SxSw in hopes that we can either get funding for the release, pick up a label to distribute the new album, or make friends to go on tour with in the future.  Maybe all of the above 🙂  I haven’t EVER done this before and I’m mostly going to be depending on devine appointments – those of you who know me know well that I am terrible at elbow rubbing and hob-nobbing.  Mostly, I just want to make friends and maybe get lucky and extend that group of friends who I call family.  🙂  I am even going into the inner bowels of Nashville to get some music business junk sorted out (I have historically avoided Music Row like the plague.  Even when I was living there).  If that’s not proof that I’m excited about the new album, I have no idea what is.  🙂  But I am most excited about seeing my friends that I call family in Nashville, going to the 1960’s dance night with Bex, and hugging.  I am planning on doing a lot of hugging.  I will also be trying to spread the word about a potential Kickstarter page that I am gearing up for.  If we fail at picking up manufacturing and distribution for the new album then I think this is going to be the way we end up going to bring this baby of an album through the gestation period.

I look forward to seeing all of you.  Please spread the word.  And again – if you post one of the videos of me performing (either Muevete, or the newest one of Losing – both are bellow this post) I will send you free music.  Thank you guys!

Kat Jones



Kat Jones @ Murphy’s Irish Pub In Sonoma!

464 1st Street East

Sonoma, California

  • 8PM
  • 21+

Thursday, March 1, 2012
Tower Theater
Saturday, March 3, 2012
Los Angeles, CA
The Purple House
327 S. Avenue 20, Los Angeles, CA, 90031
$5 Suggested Donation
w/ Gayle Skidmore
Sunday, March 4, 2012
San Diego, CA
Hard Rock Cafe
w/ Gayle Skidmore
Tuesday, March 6, 2012
Phoenix, AZ
w/ Gayle Skidmore
Wednesday, March 7, 2012
Albuquerque, NM
w/ Gayle Skidmore
Thursday, March 8, 2012
Lubbock, TX
w/ Gayle Skidmore
Friday, March 9, 2012
Amarillo, TX
The 806
w/ Gayle Skidmore
Saturday, March 10, 2012
Oklahoma City, OK
We need help on this one guys!!!  🙂
w/ Gayle Skidmore
Sunday, March 11, 2012
Dallas, TX
w/ Gayle Skidmore
Tuesday, March 13, 2012
Austin, TX
Wednesday, March 14, 2012
Austin, TX
Friday, March 16, 2012
Nashville, TN
Brick Factory
Cummins Station Suite 126
“Works In Progress” – An abrasiveMedia Showcase
Featuring works by
David Landry – Visual Artist
Rebekah Hampton – Fall Dance Company
Kat Jones – That’s me y’all :-)
Nichole Lim – Living Manequins
Robert Cortner – Metal Worker
$10 in advance / $15 at the door
Purchase tickets here:
Wednesday, March 21, 2012
Nashville, TN
The Basement
Kat Jones & The Oscillators
Kat’s first full band show in 4 months!!!
This is also going to be the place of her… “Hey!  I am in town!  Come and hang out with me!” Party.  🙂
Still booking the 22nd – 28th!  Email if you’re interested in booking a date :-)
March 30, 2012
Fresno, CA
Audie’s Olympic Tavern
w/ the Soma Holidays
Tickets Available Here:

Big Announcements And The Tour Is Coming!!!

So guys… There’s a lot changing in my world right now. I am taking the day off-ish to rest because I am freakin’ exhausted today.


But first things first! Big thanks to the guys at Live From The Yellow Room for letting me be a part of their video project! I got up bright at early to film this video with my good friend, Peter Rodocker (a musician I met in Nashville, whom I had mutual friends with from Fresno, CA). He has always been a super encouraging and kind person for the year that I have known him and has been a great friend to get to know as we have both moved to Portland. He’s also helping out with the post production and bits of recording that we still have to get done for the new album to be ready. Anyhow, we got together with about 7 other artists and bands and recorded these videos. I made some good friends and also made a good friend in Namoi Hooley, a fantastic songwriter who likes to channel the 1970′s and who we recorded some piano with for the song Without A Sound yesterday. I am looking forward to getting to know both of these people better and having them be a part of my life. But for now, here is my video with Peter and the guys from Live From The Yellow Room. You can also view more of the videos that they have filmed with other artists. Naomi Hooley’s video will be up in the next week and there are tons of amazing Portland artists, including some of the bands that Peter works with on a regular basis being showcased. This is a truly incredible music scene. And the Live At The Yellow Room videos only capture a part of what’s going on here. Check it out

BY THE WAY… IF YOU “SHARE” THIS VIDEO ON FACEBOOK I WILL MESSAGE YOU A FREE SONG DOWNLOAD FOR HELPING ME TO GET THE WORD OUT ABOUT THESE VIDEOS!!!  Just make sure you link me in the message 🙂  I really appreciate your support guys 🙂

Other news!  Well, there are all kinds of shows coming up as I am going to be on tour soon.  But highlights are this Tuesday I am playing at the Hawthorne Theater Lounge with the glorious Rich West Blatt, whom I had the pleasure of recording some background vocals for about 2 weeks ago.  I am looking forward to seeing how the song turns out.  But in the mean time you should head over to the show next Tuesday if you find yourself in Portland.

The tour that starts in less than a week and a half (I am not ready.  I can hardly believe it’s coming up so fast.)  I am excited about it.  And there are some really fun shows on the lineup to be excited about.


Kat Jones @ Murphy’s Irish Pub In Sonoma!

464 1st Street East

Sonoma, California

  • 8PM
  • 21+


I will be playing the Rogue Fringe Festival in Fresno, CA. at the Tower Theater.  This is one of my favorite stages and the show is only $5.00 with many artists on the bill.  So don’t miss that if you can help it.


It is true that I will be on the road with Gayle Skidmore for the first part of March.  We’re working on ironing out the finer points of these dates right now.  But I can tell you that I will be playing in Downtown Los Angeles with her at a rare house show perofrmance on March 3rd!! for event details.


Other exiting news is that the art co-op, abrasiveMedia that I work with in Nashville is going to be having a multi-genre art show.  If you live in Nashville and you have been wondering about what we’ve been doing there this is a great event for you to come check out.  There will be art everywhere, David Landry will be showing some of the costumes and props he’s been using to paint The World’s Largest Graphic Novel, I will be playing an acoustic set, and there will be arial dancing to enjoy.  Ticket’s are $10 in advance and $15 the day of the show.  You will be able to purchase those on Monday and I’ll have a link for you at that time.  But in the mean time feel free to visit abrasiveMedia’s website at


I am also excited to announce that me and my band The Oscillators will be playing a show in Nashville on March 21st at 10pm at the Basement!  This is going to be a free show, and my main party to see friends.


I have to leave town for a Soma Holidays reunion show that I am really excited about in Fresno, CA.  There’s not a poster for it yet, that I’ve seen but you can grab tickets for the event at and read about the bands if you don’t know much about them.  They were one of my favorite bands about 6 years ago and Ben is probably one of my biggest influences.  Eli Reyes also used to drum for me about 5 years ago and occasionally they both join me for full band sets in Fresno.  You’ll have to come to see what tricks we have up our sleeves.


 Ultimately, Portland, OR will be my last round of shows for this tour with two shows in a row at Vino Vixens on April 7th and 8th.

I will post more information as I get it from my booking agent.  But as always, if you see something you’re interested in booking and it’s nearby to one of these dates feel free to shoot an email to Suzanne Greenhill @ greenhillpromotions at gmail dot com

A new website is coming any day.  I will let you know when that arrives as well 🙂  Thanks to Dani K Johnson for that.  What a woman!

Sorry I can’t be more insightful today.  I am literally exhausted.  Maybe tomorrow.  But in the mean time I can not wait to see you guys around the towns!!!  I will have an official tour list posted in the next week.  I will let you know as soon as it’s up.

Thanks for everything guys!

Kat Jones

Hey Look! It’s a video by Kat Jones!!!

Hi guys!  Well, I bought a new computer and am learning how to use it and all it’s fun features.  I thought, as I am in the post-production process for the new album, “I Am Warm, Young, Blood” that we could celebrate and I could record some live, acoustic versions of the new album.  Not all of them.  There have to be some surprises you know.  But here is the first one!  I will have more news about the new album and upcoming national tour very soon!



The Miracles Of Multnomah, The Wonders of the Willamette

Let me start off first by saying that I am playing live in Portland, OR on Saturday, January 21st at The Hawthorne Theater Lounge with Destroy Nate Allen.  Here’s what you need to know if you’d like to come:  

Address + 1507 SE 39th, Portland, OR 97214 + 8:30 PM Doors + 9:00 PM Start. + $2.00 +Kat Jones (first) + The Darkest Moons + Destroy Nate Allen (last)

The following morning I will be recording a podcast for Live From The Yellow Room, here in Portland.  I will let you know as soon as that posts.  

Last night I found myself pulling over to the side of MLK Blvd., just off East Burnside.  Compelled by the giant flakes of snow and the glistening streetlights brightening the world by the fluffy layers of white in every direction.  I couldn’t resist the opportunity to play.  For about 30 minutes I had been driving down the road from a delicious Mexican restaurant (Oh Dear God!  Real Mexican Food!  Finally!  Thank you!) and feeling envious of all the 20 and 30 somethings running through the streets at midnight, throwing snowballs at my car passing slowly by, young couples holding hands or snuggling under the covered bus stops along the street.  I pulled over, prepared my self for the cold, and took off into the night, with the only goal of crossing the Burnside Bridge, turning around, crossing it again, and driving away.  So many times at night I have had the unbelievable desire to cross those bridges and hang my head over the water, watching the blue and green lights of ships passing underneath.  However, I am a female.  Portland is one of the drug and homeless capitols of the U.S.  Practically, it’s not safe to do.  But with the city out in full wonderment and the night sky lit up by the reflection of snow from the ground, I felt confident of my safety and everyone else’s distraction by the whimsey of giant flakes easing their way onto the noses of everyone in the city.  I walked.  I skipped.  I stopped and wrote on the banister of the bridge in snow.  I tilted my head into the flakes and watched them land on my face.  I didn’t notice how cold it was.  It was incredible.  It reminded me of walking at 3 a.m. in Scotland.  Down Leith Walk from Princess Street.  I would marvel at the fact that I was actually living in Edinburgh.  200-1000 year old buildings towering around me in every direction.  This was much the same feeling.

As I walked across the bridge a car, being propelled up the slope of the icy bridge by two young men behind it, slowly tobogganing up the hill and back down again.  I looked over and smiled.  They laughed and greeted me, remarking on the glorious evening.  I could not disagree.  I arrived in the heart of downtown and made my U-Turn.  A lost 21 or 22 year old boy asked me if I knew where the Greyhound Station was.  He carried a small vintage suitcase.  I didn’t know where it was but I connected him with some men my age to help him get to it.  I turned around and made my way back across the bridge.  A young couple greeted me on the bridge.  I stopped to look at the water.  I wished my camera was working.  I crossed the street.  Three grown-ass-men asked me if I wanted to snow ball fight with them and then they took off running across the bridge.  The kind of run that lets you know that their inner 8 year old is the one in control.  It was beautiful.  And as I made my way to the car I breathed deeply.  A free, deep, unselfconscious breath.  It filled my lungs and then I got into my car.  The first order of the moment to thaw out my feet.

The rest of the drive was gorgeous and slow.  My Toyota Camry with my dads “If you can read this, you’re keeping up with the Jones’s” vanity plate around the license.  I swerved.  I fish tailed a bit.  I was one of the only vehicles on a street filled with pedestrians who were not going to be affected by the car careening at them at a whopping 3 miles an hour and the only time it looked like I might have to ditch the car and figure out if I could call someone to pick me up (on the way up a not very steep hill) 2 men, my age, were walking by and just gave me that extra push up the 20 feet of asphalt and into smooth sailing for the rest of my journey home.

It was wonderful.  And it brings me here:

I am officially going in to a stage of rest and preparation for the next tour and I am so excited.  For the next month and a half I will be resting and recording new material for this next tour.  It will be an e.p. to have for everyone for this next leg before the album comes out.  And it will only be available from the road.  So, hopefully I’ll see you at these shows.  Things are starting to look awesome but we need some help on the tour. So if you have any ideas please shoot me a message.  Here is the general outline:

Sunday, February 26, 2012 – Southern OR/ Northern, CA – Help! 

Tuesday, Februrary 28, 2012 – Sonoma, Ca  – Confirmed – TBA

Wednesday, February 29, 2012 – San Fran / Merced, CA – Help!

Thursday , March 1, 2012 – Fresno, CA – Confirmed – TBA

Friday, March 2, 2012 – Los Angeles, CA – Confirmed – TBA

Saturday, March 3, 2012 – Fullerton, CA – TBA

Sunday, March 4, 2012 – San Diego, CA – TBA

Monday, March 5, 2012 – San Diego, CA – W/ Gayle Skidmore – Confirmed – TBA

Thursday, March 8, 2012 – Phoenix, AZ – w/ Gayle Skidmore – TBA

Friday, March 9, 2012 –  TBA – w/ Gayle Skidmore

Saturday, March 10, 2012 – TBA – w/ Gayle Skidmore

Monday, March 11, 2012 – TBA – w/ Gayle Skidmore

Tuesday, March 12, 2012 – Austin, TX – SxSw – If you have information on an official or unofficial show you think I could be added on to please email me 🙂

Wednesday, March 13th, Austin, TX – SxSw – If you have information on an official or unofficial show you think I could be added on to please email me 🙂

Wednesday, March 14th – Oklahoma City, OK – Help! 

Thursday, March 15th, Memphis, TN  or Little Rock, AR – Help!

Friday, March 16th, Nashville, TN – TBA – abrasiveMedia Fundraiser

Saturday, March 17th, Chattanooga, TN – Help! 

Tuesday, March 20th, Atlanta, GA – Help!

Wednesday, March 21th, Ashville/ Chapel Hill, NC – Help!

Thursday, March 22, Charlotte, NC – Help!

Friday, March 23, Knoxville, TN – Help!

Saturday, March 24, St. Louis, MO – Help! 

Monday, March 26th – KC City, KS – Help!

Maybe something in between KC and Fresno

Friday, March 30th, Fresno, CA – Confirmed – TBA

Saturday, March 31, 2012 –  San Fransisco, CA – Help!

Sunday, April 1, 2012 Redding or Chico, CA – Help!

Monday, April 2, 2012 – Eugene, OR – Help!

Saturday, April 7, 2012 – Portland, OR – Vino Vixens

Sunday, April 8, 2012 – Portland, OR Vino Vixens

Maybe more… maybe less.  I am excited no matter what 🙂  If you have an inquiry about a tour date coming up please email me at katjonesmusic at gmail dot com!  Thanks everyone for your support!!!


Kat Jones



A Marvelous Mess Under A Full January Moon

My belongings sit like stratum across the floor where I have been sleeping these last 3 months in Portland, OR. One kelly green dress shoe lays overturned, revealing one of my plastic surgical arch supports that I have worn in every pair of shoes every day for the last 21 years of my life. I am presently sucking on a slippery elm lozenge to keep from coughing. This is a feeble attempt to protect my voice from a cold that has come and gone and come again, maybe turned into pneumonia, and is now being eradicated by antibiotics. I am tired. Maybe even exhausted. Today has been hard and beautiful. The rough waters of the day have been stilled and there is a cool breeze blowing over the water as I sit at the helm of the ship and marvel at the stars and that beautiful moon hovering to the east.

My day started with calling the unemployment office in Nashville relentlessly. In theory alone I have been approved for unemployment insurance these last 3 weeks and have yet to see any benefits. I think it’s my being in Portland that’s messing it up. But this morning I was down to my last $20 and tired from being up all night coughing. In vain I have searched for a job and continue to. And what was my awesome Event Planning and Booking job for a restaurant in Sellwood quickly fizzled into ashes. Perhaps the restaurant only hired me to make themselves more sellable on the market. I have no idea. But 4 weeks later (and having turned down at least 2 other opportunities for a day job because it conflicted with the restaurant’s schedule) I find myself jobless in one of the worst job markets in the United States, and I am on the phone trying to get through to an unemployment office that claims to be too busy to put me in a waiting queue one the phone. This is one of those moments when one wishes they could just walk in off the street but logistics make this impossible. So, I will find myself waking up in a few hours to see if I can catch the Unemployment Office by phone again before things get busy in there.

However, I don’t regret moving to Portland. Not even for a second. I am in love with this city. Every time I go outside the hills, the volcanoes, scent of a doug fir catches me just right. I feel connected even though I am aware that in some ways I am still isolated. I know that I am not alone in my struggle within this city. I know that I am bound together with other people who feel about Portland what I feel, and even more! I still can not wait to find a place to live, get a job, and plant deep roots, at least for a time. But it strikes me as interesting that this city is forcing me to press into the business side of my art again. I think I can make music my full time job pretty easily here, or should I say, more easily and with less discouragement than in Nashville. And I have been broke before. This is not new.

The end of this story is that I have a very community of people who love me and are supporting me emotionally, in solidarity, in friendship, and in community in this time. I did not ask anyone for money today. But twice dear friends of mine donated enough to get me through this week and I am so grateful for them. I especially have to thank my church in Nashville who have shown me more kindness than I can express over these last 6 months. I have not known support like this before. I also have to thank the Maes, who have been letting me sleep in their home and drink their water. I have learned a new level of what it is to be charitable and have a charitable heart because of these people. I have been the beneficiary of people giving who have nothing to give and find some way to make it happen anyhow. And this above all things reminds me that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I am even booked into April already for shows! That would have been normal for me 5 years ago. But it’s wonderful to see that things are falling into place professionally again.

So what’s in the future?
The album is still in the works. I start Febrauray Album Writer’s Month again soon. I am planning on having a new acoustic e.p. out for your to purchase on this next tour coming up (did I mention I’m going to be on tour in March? If you want to book a southwest, midwest, southern, Northwest, or west coast tour date please email me at ). And I’m even thinking about snaking my way into SxSw. We shall see. The album will be out by July. At the very latest. And though I have had the title chosen for the last 6 years I won’t reveal it until we’ve got the album artwork finished. But I am soooo looking forward to it.

And in Portland I am playing the Hawthorne Theatre on the 21st of this month (January). So you should come out if you can 🙂

Thank you everyone for your support. There are still about 4 copies of the Without A Sound e.p. if you want to get one here.  Once they’re out of print they are all the way out of print.  Never to be heard from again.  New t-shirt designs are coming soon also.  And as I find a place to settle in there will be more for you to purchase than perhaps you could ever imagine.  🙂

Thank you everyone for your continued support and prayers.  I think this year might end up being pretty amazing.  And full.

And perhaps, just a very little, messy as well.

Christmas and the Careening Career

My career is not really careening much.  It’s not “lurching out of control”.  I just really liked that title.  New and unexpected things abound, so why not call it a careen?  Even if it’s a gentle careen that leads me to better things.  Right?  Right.

Portland is AWESOME.  I have done nothing but marvel over the fact that life has led me here over the last couple of years, with a new record (to be released next year) in tow.  The people are kind, creative, and welcoming.  I have had a string of very very lovely solo shows, am looking to build a band in the city (just in case you know anyone that may be available), and am singing on the side for a lovely dance band in Seattle called Gold Wolf Galaxy.  I am also booking musical acts for a venue / restaurant in town called Moreland House.  So, it would appear, I am using my main skill set as my primary income.  Dear God – Oh Man, thank you so much.  Merry Christmas to me!

Oh!  Before I continue, let me tell you this:  There are only 2 copies of the He’s The One I Need The Most e.p. left.  Only 250 copies were made and once these are gone they are GONE.  In other words:  I’d buy one while they were available if you were putting it off this year for any reason.

To continue, however, I really love Portland.  I miss my friends in Nashville desperately.  I had become so dependent on my weekly meetings with Audra Harvey and Kelly Landry but it’s been so good to branch out and discover my own gifts again.  Music was just stagnant for me in Nashville.  The struggle of trying to figure out how to make music was a tremendous inspiration to my songs but with few outlets to perform them I was just dying inside.  So it’s been nice to be playing consistently here and to be so well received.  I miss my band in Nashville immensely, having developed such close relationships with those wonderful men but I just feel so much more healthy, both personally and artistically that it seems utterly worthwhile to leave my dear friends and embark on a new adventure.  I do, have close friends in the northwest as well and am only a plane ride away from Nashville.  I plan on re-uniting with everyone soon, even if just for moments at a time.

Right now my main issues are having a physical place to be creative.  I look forward to finding a place to live and new room to play songs and be creative in.  I am aching inside for a place to pour a cup of coffee and take pen and ink to paper in my own space.  But for now the opportunity to strengthen budding friendships and raise the money for this new home is a great gift.  Even if it’s coming along slowly.  Portland State taxes are a bitch.  That’s my only complaint and I will figure out my way around that one.  🙂

I am really excited about the new album too.  As soon as I can save up some money we will begin the process of mixing and mastering and I am sure I will need to do some fundraising for that.  So keep your eye out for future opportunities to support us as we move forward.

Once I settle in and am able to get my bearings I promise to write more.  But in the mean time:  Please have a Merry Christmas Season, everyone.  Be kind to your family and friends and fellow drivers.  I know it gets tense out there, but if you can hold it together I think you will discover some pretty incredible gifts.

I will write very soon.  I promise.

Oh!  You can listen to the other band in Seattle that I am working with here if you’re interested:  I think they’ll be posting another song that I finished vocals on this last weekend very soon 🙂

Merry Christmas!


Kat Jones