Christmas and the Careening Career

My career is not really careening much.  It’s not “lurching out of control”.  I just really liked that title.  New and unexpected things abound, so why not call it a careen?  Even if it’s a gentle careen that leads me to better things.  Right?  Right.

Portland is AWESOME.  I have done nothing but marvel over the fact that life has led me here over the last couple of years, with a new record (to be released next year) in tow.  The people are kind, creative, and welcoming.  I have had a string of very very lovely solo shows, am looking to build a band in the city (just in case you know anyone that may be available), and am singing on the side for a lovely dance band in Seattle called Gold Wolf Galaxy.  I am also booking musical acts for a venue / restaurant in town called Moreland House.  So, it would appear, I am using my main skill set as my primary income.  Dear God – Oh Man, thank you so much.  Merry Christmas to me!

Oh!  Before I continue, let me tell you this:  There are only 2 copies of the He’s The One I Need The Most e.p. left.  Only 250 copies were made and once these are gone they are GONE.  In other words:  I’d buy one while they were available if you were putting it off this year for any reason.

To continue, however, I really love Portland.  I miss my friends in Nashville desperately.  I had become so dependent on my weekly meetings with Audra Harvey and Kelly Landry but it’s been so good to branch out and discover my own gifts again.  Music was just stagnant for me in Nashville.  The struggle of trying to figure out how to make music was a tremendous inspiration to my songs but with few outlets to perform them I was just dying inside.  So it’s been nice to be playing consistently here and to be so well received.  I miss my band in Nashville immensely, having developed such close relationships with those wonderful men but I just feel so much more healthy, both personally and artistically that it seems utterly worthwhile to leave my dear friends and embark on a new adventure.  I do, have close friends in the northwest as well and am only a plane ride away from Nashville.  I plan on re-uniting with everyone soon, even if just for moments at a time.

Right now my main issues are having a physical place to be creative.  I look forward to finding a place to live and new room to play songs and be creative in.  I am aching inside for a place to pour a cup of coffee and take pen and ink to paper in my own space.  But for now the opportunity to strengthen budding friendships and raise the money for this new home is a great gift.  Even if it’s coming along slowly.  Portland State taxes are a bitch.  That’s my only complaint and I will figure out my way around that one.  🙂

I am really excited about the new album too.  As soon as I can save up some money we will begin the process of mixing and mastering and I am sure I will need to do some fundraising for that.  So keep your eye out for future opportunities to support us as we move forward.

Once I settle in and am able to get my bearings I promise to write more.  But in the mean time:  Please have a Merry Christmas Season, everyone.  Be kind to your family and friends and fellow drivers.  I know it gets tense out there, but if you can hold it together I think you will discover some pretty incredible gifts.

I will write very soon.  I promise.

Oh!  You can listen to the other band in Seattle that I am working with here if you’re interested:  I think they’ll be posting another song that I finished vocals on this last weekend very soon 🙂

Merry Christmas!


Kat Jones

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