A Weird Wonderful World

Since last I wrote my life has changed and breathed dramatically.  It’s stretched it’s arms and opened them up to new things, unexpected, or expected and life changing.  There’s been so much to recount and remember.

In the last month I have moved out, moved in, played with a band for the first time in three years, helped one of my best friend’s welcome her son Marc into the world, helped my friends in The Sons Of Zevon with a weekend of amazing shows, and reawakened some sleeping passions that I’d allowed to remain dormant for a couple of years.  I’ve been sewing, writing, jewelry making, gluing, wounding myself whilst gluing, cutting myself whilst jewelry making, and reading.  It’s been a very very full month.

At present I am siting in my basement apartment with my friend Kacey (who is visiting from Portland, OR).  She is knitting on my couch and I am typing on my bed.  Both of us resting from a very fun jaunt through decorating on a budget for Christmas.  We are listening to WRVU and just sort of soaking in the ambiance and peace.  It’s lovely.  I love the way everything has turned out.  I couldn’t afford a Christmas tree this year so we went to the Christmas Tree Lot at 5 Points and picked up some of their scraps, bundled them together, dressed them and placed them strategically around the house, filling the house with the wonderful smell of Christmas trees and the warm feeling that the deep green brings, coupled with pretty christmas lights.  I love it.

I will be leaving and flying to Fresno, CA and southern CA on Sunday and I am really really looking forward to going home to be with my family and friends whom I haven’t seen in far too long.

It’s been a really big year as far as rebounding years is considered.  I’ve released a new record, gone on several tours, opened myself up to new experienced and I’ve received sooo much emotional healing this year that it’s been amazing to watch.   Everyone in Fresno, I look forward to seeing you!  I may not be around much and I may not be playing any official shows this time out but there are still many things planned and I will be playing a few shows around town.  I look forward to seeing you very much!!!

I hope everyone has a lovely holiday!

I guess, for the sake of saying I did something to promote the music today – You can go to http://theekatjones.etsy.com to pick up cds and t-shirts.  And if you’d like to buy something the shipping is free for the rest of the year!  Merry Christmas everyone!

kat jones