Nashville Show Tonight!!!

The tour has been AMAZING SO FAR and with over 2 weeks left on it I can not wait to see what it has in store ūüôā ¬†I will have more information on the rest of the dates in a couple of days… but for now I wanted to remind the Nashville folk that I am playing The Basement in Nashville tonight!!!

This is basically going to also be my HI FRIENDS!!! Party! ¬†I haven’t seen very many people since I arrived as I’ve been trying to complete a ton of personal business. ¬†But please come by at 9pm. ¬†The Show is Free. ¬†I will be playing with my whole band. ¬†We will go out and get food and drinks after. ¬†Love you!

1604 8th Ave S Nashville, TN 37203

Kat ¬†ūüôā

Just a Quickie!

Well, friends… I don’t have a lot of time. ¬†We’ve got to get on the road to Albuquerquie, NM right now but I wanted you to know that I just added some information on the Tour page for Lubbock, and Dallas. ¬†Dont forget about that Amarillo show coming up too! ¬†Can’t wait to see all of you.

Other interesting factoids of the tour:

РI went wine tasting with my friend Ezekiel Hampton.  I have never done that before and we had such a good time at the show that night.  Thanks Zeke!!!

РSeeing Amanda K. Bear in LA was awesome!  She is such a lovely and funny girl.  I love getting to know her better.  And the house show she through was so incredible.  Thanks Amanda!  You kick ass.

– I also got to see my good friends Mark Lubbers, Summer Oakley, Luke Passmore, and Rheanna Downey! ¬†And I got to meet Rheanna’s new son Eden. ¬†It was such an amazing treat. ¬†I love you guys!

The tour with Gayle is going great. ¬†We are having a really good time. ¬†People in every city have been so gracious in helping us to spread the word about our music and we are so thankful to The Fixx in Tempe for getting us a later show last night at Long Wong’s in Tempe as well. ¬†Thanks to Long Wongs Too!!!

A lovely lass from Lubbock, Tx , Casey also did an interview with me this week. ¬†It was pretty fun! ¬†Here’s the link:

And I got a fun little writeup in the San Diego, CA blog Discover San Diego:

“And Kat Jones, she has got some pipes. Check out her site at¬†¬† If you scroll down a bit, you can find her song ‚ÄúLosing‚ÄĚ.¬† What‚Äôs absolutely great is how authentic it is: the homemade video (she is recording herself in what appears to be a back patio), the intensity with which she sings the lyrics while rocking out on her¬† guitar, and her dead-on eye contact with the camera just, well, work. ”

You can read the whole write-up here:

I also got to do an interview with¬†Sophie 103.7 on Sunday. ¬†It was so much fun. ¬†Mookie was nice and so rad and had great things to say about the music. ¬†I really like him. ¬†You should go out of his way to shake his hand ūüôā

All in all it’s been awesome. ¬†Gayle is rad. ¬†She’s such a prolific and wonderful songwriter and getting to see her perform every night is a real treat. ¬†You can discover her, if you haven’t already at

Love you guys!  See you soon!


Oh!!! ¬†There’s also this! ¬†Thanks to Spencer Ramsey in the other project I sing in: ¬†Gold Wolf Galaxy. ¬†These are going to be my business cards ūüôā

Love you guys!