The Flowers Are Falling Off The Trees To Make Way For New Green Leaves

At this moment I am sitting in my writing area outside my home.  It’s a small bistro table where I have a light breakfast set up, a french press of coffee, my bird shaped sugar bowl, my books, pen, and paper.  I have started a new artist’s group with my friends to break through some creative blocks we’ve been running in to and it’s been nothing if not eventful, painful, and good.  This kind of intentional personal change usually is.  Where would we be if our friends weren’t there to let us witness those pieces of us which have needed to be abandoned be burned whole?  There may be tendrils of what dies left in the end but for the most part I think we’ll all be closer to moving forward in our lives with out shame or fear.  At least for a while.

It’s so easy just to pick up hurt from other people.  To let the things which need not have an effect have one.  To allow intangibles to creep into your daily creative life.  Until one day:  You simply can not create any more.  The words which have always been endless just stop coming the way they used to and which much less depth than they used to carry.  The music isn’t the same.  The meaning is never quite right.  It’s just not coming with the same speed or skill as is used to.  And so – I stand here.  I think I’ve stepped off the cliff to find an invisible force holding me up and I am enjoying the journey to the other side and enjoying watching myself unfold once again.

In all this new things abound.  In May I will begin a month long artist’s residency at my favorite venue in town and place of employment:  The Family Wash.  Every Wednesday, with the company of my friends and some other acts being thrown onto each weekly bill I will play some shows with some new songs.  And then, hopefully, HOPEFULLY (please God), a new record will begin to be recorded in the summer.   I am aiming at June.

You have all mostly been with me long enough to know what a wrench my father’s passing away had put in my life.  But really this time, I think I’ve come to a clearing and a place where I have the freedom to move about without hinderance.  That’s what the artist’s group is about, that’s what the residency is about, and that’s what recording a new record will be about.

There will be some songs from the Without A Sound e.p. that will be recorded with a full band on the record and there will be some new ones.  But in all this:  I am really looking forward to giving birth to a new album and moving forward in a new way.

So, those of you who pray, please pray that I will have the boldness to move forward in the openings that are created and that a way will be made for the music to be given life.  Both for you and for me.

Thanks all of you for your support.  I may be calling on you for other things in the future.  But for now I am just happy you’ve been with me through this process.

With Love –

Kat Jones